Contest: Predict the sales of Easy Tiger

    We’re a bit late in presenting this week’s album sales contest, but you still have a few days to enter. Please take note that we’re also switching it up slightly this time.For this contest predict at what position on the charts Ryan Adams’ new album Easy Tiger will chart and also take a guess at the number of album sales for this week. If more than one person guesses correctly where he charts, the winner will be determined by who is closest to his actual first week album sales. The prize is once again a $20 Amazon gift certificate.[more:]


    • Predict where the new Ryan Adams album Easy Tiger will chart and album sales for its first week album in the comments.
    • Predictions after Sunday (July 1, 2007 will be disqualified)


    • $20 gift certificate to

    Additional Notes:
    *Check out the Week in Preview feature to see what else was released.
    **If there is more than one person that is correct on where the album charts, the winner will be selected by who is closest to actual album sales for the first week.
    ***This contest is open to everyone including Prefix staffers.
    ****Anyone who enters more than once will be disqualified.