Ryan Adams And Mandy Moore To Make Beautiful Music Together

    Given his ever-shifting muse, it’s a wonder that Ryan Adams has stayed married for long, much less to pop-star/actress Mandy Moore. Yet the two are taking their relationship one step further by recording together.

    Moore talked to CBS News about her upcoming seventh album and intimated that Adams would help out: “I’m probably going to work with my husband on this album. I’m not sure necessarily in what capacity, but we’ve been writing a little bit together. He has a studio, so I definitely want to make my record there.”

    It’s their first official collaboration since last summer’s country-rocking “Empty Room.” Moore also revealed that he’s an influence on her own stuff, “from the music I’ve been introduced to, and being very happy and in a healthy, happy relationship.” Wonder if the new album will include any metal songs? [NME]