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Russell Simmons To Tangle With Bill O'Reilly Over Columnist Job Offer

Russell Simmons To Tangle With Bill O'Reilly Over Columnist Job Offer

Russell Simmons is launching a new website, called Global Grind, and as a part of the site (which is largely devoted to hip-hop) Simmons challenged Bill O'Reilly to write a column about hip-hop for the site, citing O'Reilly's vocal opposition to hip-hop. Here's what Simmons wrote:

"For far too long Bill has used The O' Reilly Factor on Fox News to spew inaccurate statements and ideological taunts about hip-hop. Rather than speaking indirectly to us using the code of right wing rhetoric, I'm giving Bill O' Reilly a straight-up opportunity to come out of the Spin Zone and speak to millions of hip-hop supporters and leaders about whatever he may feel is important."

Pretty respectful tone, if not a bit oppositional, but O'Reilly called Simmons' bluff, and asked Simmons to come on his show to debate about hip-hop and talk about the columnist job. 


Simmons then posted this in response:

I publicly accept your invitation to appear on the  Bill O'Reilly show on FOX News in response to my blog. But Bill, I need you to address the hip-hop community directly.

Most people don't know that you and I have been friendly and socially connected or couldn't imagine that we were both at a mutual friends dinner just last week.... We have had many debates about the hip hop community. But I think you would learn something important and different from having  blog discussions with others here at Global Grind.

You could benefit from receiving their more  passionate responses if you would have a direct communication with them instead of just the "yogic" calm responses that you will get from me. So, I respectfully ask again for a blog from you to the community pointing out your opinions about their impact on society
I really wonder what mutual friend the two have. But whether or not O'Reilly is ready to lower his guard and actually engage in a intelligent debate is up in the air (given his track record, I'd say no), but Simmons is really not buying any of his BS. He wants him to have to engage with the people he puts down and badmouths on a regular basis, which is something of a noble cause. [via Contact Music]
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