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Rumors swirling that Jay-Z and Beyonce are getting hitched

The internet is abuzz that hip-hop-pop's biggest couple might be tying the knot. The gossip stems from a New York Post Page Six item claiming Beyonce's plans for a lavish birthday party for Jay in what part of the Caribbean are really just cover for the couple's betrothal in another part of the Caribbean.
I'm all for it. She's a girl gorgeous enough to not let get away. He's not getting any younger. And it will be the best thing Jay's done this year, Kingdom Come included.
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This rumor might just be a rumor but if true I can't wait.

Jani B

I'm pretty sure this is legit. I think someone in my office got an invite.


If you're reading this Hova, it's your boy Yung Daba aka the Realest, please send me an invite. Does Beyonce got hot sisters?

Yung Daba

yung daba, lets wedding crash that shit...i know which island beyonce has a house on.

Adrian Covert

Wadup Acovert. I'm down to crash. I'm beefin with Hov cause I haven't gotten an invite.

Yung Daba

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