Rumor: Lil Wayne to Take Plea Deal for Gun Charge, to Serve Eight Months in Jail

    Lil Wayne is in New York this week for hearings related to his July 2007 gun charges, and the rumor is that he’ll be forced to take a plea deal that could carry with it an eight month jail term. It seems that Wayne’s DNA has been found on the gun, which wouldn’t be possible if the gun really wasn’t Wayne’s or he hadn’t touched, like he’s been claiming. If the case goes to trial, Wayne could face a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail, which has led to the speculation of him taking the plea deal for eight months. Wayne’s sentence would start in Feb. 2010, according to the rumor, which wouldn’t interfere with his plans to release two albums by the end of the year. The hearings are scheduled to continue today, and could last until next week. [NahRight]