Rufus Wainwright Has A Kid With Leonard Cohen’s Daughter

    Update: Apparently Lorca Cohen wasn’t just a surrogate mother. She and Wainwright had the kid, and it is both of theirs. Even more complicated than what we previously reported. Here’s what Wainwright posted on his blog:

    In many of the articles announcing the birth of Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen, Lorca Cohen is characterized as “the surrogate.” Of course, she is no such thing. She did not carry the child for someone else. Lorca Cohen is the mother of the baby and Rufus Wainwright is the father.


    Here’s a pretty crazy story: Rufus Wainwright, who has been openly gay since forever, had a kid early this month with Lorca Cohen, the daughter of legendary folk singer Leonard Cohen. Is there any kid more likely to have a famous singing career that turns them into a cult figure? The kid, named Viva Katherine Wainwright, is practically royalty. [Spinner