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Royce Da 5-9: The Bar Exam Mixtape

royce-barexam.jpgNothing to see here ... just a mixtape of Royce Da 5-9 (we're tired of the bad formatting when you do the feet-inches thing) spitting fire with DJ Premier and Statik Selektah ... we're sure it's not fantastic ... move along ... don't bother clicking right here because it's a waste of your time ... you'll only end up with that stupid mixtape ... the one that has the "Sound the Alarm" remix at the end, which you don't want anyway ... woooooooooooooo
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DJ Premier
Royce Da 5'9"
Statik Selektah

Whenever I type his name out I think why won't he just drop the 5'9" part. Can't he just go by Royce now? Common dropped the "Sense" and he only got bigger.

Dave Park

valid point. should prefix start the polling process?

Mike Krolak

Common only dropped the sense for legal purposes and he only got bigger because of kanye and the neptunes. It's not like people wasn't listening to him because he had sense at the end of his name.

Jon Darden

...which is I think the exact reason why royce has 5'9'' at the end of his name. I think I even read that somewhere.Dave Park, you didn't know that common dropped the sense because of legal issues? I banish you from hip hop land.


Umm.. I was just checking to see if you guys knew your hip hop. I live and breathe hip hop. In fact I'm editing the Wikipedia entry on hip hop as I type this.

Dave Park

i invented hip-hop.


1. Royce is the best in the game, hands down!
2. The Bar Exam 1 and 2 are historical artefacts.

The truth is Royce Da 5'9

K-Stylez 3000

royce da 5'9" is how it is man and if yous dont like it then dont listen his name souldent effect the way epople hear things that doesnt even make sense your dave your an idiot

eric joe

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