Rourke wrestling, AC/DC rumored to perform at Wrestlemania XXV

    After a few years where it seemed that UFC would finally send professional wrestling the way of the dodo, suddenly Vince McMahon’s WWE is clawing its way back into the public’s consciousness. McMahon’s latest coup (though this is still at the rumor stage) is landing hard rock icons AC/DC to play at Wrestlemania XXV. The band seems like a good choice for wrestling, as both peaked in the eighties and have experienced a recent resurgence. In additional Wrestlemania news, Mickey Rourke, whose portrayal of Randy "the Ram" Roberts has helped to reinvigorate interest in the squared circle, says that he will appear in character at the event. Though no opponent has yet been set, the fifty-six year old told Chris Jericho to get in shape, because he "was coming for his ass." [Angry Ape] and [UPI]