Ronnie Wood Apologizes To Rolling Stones For Misleading Studio Reports

    Last week, we told you that, per Ronnie Wood, the Rolling Stones were shaping up to enter the studio later in April “to just throw some ideas around.” However, those reports, per Ronnie Wood, were wrong. Wood now says his comments were misreported and led to an uncomfortable discussion with Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

    “I heard from (Mick) Jagger; he’s going, ‘What the hell?! We don’t know anything yet!’ And I said, ‘you know what (the media) are like. I just expressed my personal view; I would love to go into the studio.’ Then they took it all wrong,” Wood said, according to Billboard.

    Consequently, Wood apologized to the other members of the Stones, who also were oblivious to the supposed recording plans.

    Still, none of this necessarily means the Stones won’t be getting some recording done this year, the band’s 50th in existence. “We do have a 50th anniversary,” Wood explained. “Whatever is going to be done, we will know in the next few months.

    As far as we know, the band’s upcoming book and documentary are still on.