Ron Wood Could Have Joined Led Zeppelin, Allegedly

    I really love when these kind of goofy, 40-year-old stories come out: According to a recent story in the NME, Ron Wood, Faces and Rolling Stones guitarist, had an opportunity to join Led Zeppelin back in the day, but he passed on the opportunity. Basically, Wood had the same manager–Peter Grant– as Jimmy Page, and he wanted them to be in the New Yardbirds, the band that eventually became Zeppelin. But Wood thought the dudes in Zeppelin were just a “bunch of farmers:”

    “Peter Grant used to manage myself and Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart and Mickey Waller and Nicky Hopkins back in the good old days,” he said. “He was behind a band that was going to be called The New Yardbirds.” “I had an offer to join, and I said ‘I can’t join that bunch of farmers’. Anyway, they eventually changed their name and turned out to be Led Zeppelin, and he managed them as well.”

    It sort of feels like, eventually, we’ll have stories about every member of every ’60s band nearly joining a different ’60s band. Which makes sense, in a way, since the British bands hung out together. But still: Why talk about this now? [DS]