Ron Rosenbaum on why Billy Joel blows

    Ron Rosenbaum really, really hates Billy Joel. The acclaimed essayist/author, a frequent contributor to The New Yorker and The Observer, among others, spends an entire Slate column railing against the egregiousness of Joel’s work. While Rosenbaum’s attack is aesthetic in nature, he has a personal stake in the subject too; he states that as a native Long Islander he has long resented the fact that Billy Joel is his home’s musical ambassador to the universe, so he finally went so far as purchasing a Billy Joel box set for the purposes of analyzing its perceived awfulness in detail.


    Be warned, if you harbor the slightest soft spot for the ol’ Piano Man, Rosenbaum’s assault will get your goat. A few sample descriptions, just for flavor: "…a plague upon the airwaves more contagious than West Nile virus…," "…loathsomely insipid simulacrum of rock…," "…contemptible crap…" did we mention that he really, really hates Joel? We’ll let you dig into the details of Rosenbaum’s assessment by reading the extremely entertaining piece yourself, as you either nod in agreement or gnash your teeth in outrage, depending on your relative level of Joel-friendliness.