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Romney's "47 Percent" Video Is Three Times More Watched Than His RNC Speech

In a recent poll of political YouTube views, Pew Research uncovered some surprising results. The above graph breaks down views of YouTube videos related to the recent Democratic and Republican National Conventions. While the Democratic party should be happy with the results (President Obama’s speech coming in first followed by former President Clinton’s and First Lady Obama’s), the GOP doesn’t get off quite so easy.

Mitt Romney’s infamous leaked “47 percent” video is the most popular RNC-related clip at more than three million views. That’s three times the views that Romney’s own speech at the RNC received, and six times that of Ann Romney’s speech. Just behind the “47 percent” video is Clint Eastwood’s speech, which has been mocked by the media for weeks. Watch the most popular RNC-related clip once again down below. [BI]

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