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Rolling Stones (Unfortunately) Not Retiring, Says Rep

So it turns out that those reports from yesterday about The Rolling Stones retiring are, unfortunately, not true. A rep for the band talked to Entertainment Weekly and flatly denied the band is mulling a retirement following their 2012 world tour. This is bad news for anyone hoping the Stones would retreat with what is left of their former greatness and pack it in, but good news for arena-owners across the world. But then again, like I said yesterday, have the Stones really been not-retired since the mid-80s anyway? [EW]

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The Rolling Stones


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You writer. You seem out of touch with reality concerning The Rolling Stones. You are a silly person. Really you say these things because you are ignorant and a slap at the Stones got you a little publicity for your never before heard of paper or website. How many more people linked to this site because of your ignorance? Or was that your plan to suck off the Stones for a moment of readership. I guess it worked. Now a few more people know you as a fool. Good job.

jook band

Who the f**k are you to tell ANYBODY when to hang it up?? Who has the f**king nerve to tell Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, BB King and Leonard Cohen to QUIT?? They should all have the right to do what they were born to do till' they day they die!! Just like Johnny Cash. Let alone The Rolling Stones having the fan base to still fill arenas anywhere in the world. Go screw yourself, prick.

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