Rolling Stones Releasing Record Store Day Single

    It seems like the Rolling Stones vs. Beatles debate/non-fight is going to go on for eternity. Case in point: A week after it’s announced the Beatles are going to be releasing a Record Store Day single, the Stones come out and say, yep, we’re going to be releasing a Record Store Day single too. The Stones single will be “Plundered My Soul,” a recently unearthed track from the Exile on Main Street sessions. The single will be backed by a remastered cut of “All Down the Line,” a track from the album.


    But that’s not all: “Plundered” is set to be sent to radio stations, as in, released as a proper, current single, and will be followed with a music video. All of it is to promote the remaster of Exile on Main Street, which is due out in May. [Spinner]