Rolling Stones’ ‘GRRR Gorilla’ To Appear On A Landmark Near You

    Wait, you aren’t going to purchase another greatest-hits collection from the Rolling Stones? What if I told you it was called GRRR!? What if I told you it had two brand-new songs? Maybe this will convince you: ahead of its November 13 release date, the Stones have unveiled a “3D Augmented Reality campaign” that plans to take over 3,000 landmarks in 50 different cities (one city for each year the band has been together).

    Working with the augmented reality PR firm Aurasma, the Stones have tagged thousands of locations with the gorilla from the greatest-hits’ artwork. Fans can download a free uView app from the band, and starting today, they can point their iPhone or Android device at, say, the Empire State Building or the Sydney Opera House and see a gorilla on it King Kong-style. Fans can take photos of the resulting animations in action and share them with the Stones via Twitter or email where they will be shared on a special page on the band’s website. “Gorilla marketing” joke not necessary. Take a gander at the example below (image via Pocket Lint).