Rolling Stone Throws Up Hands, Ranks Rock’s Women

    Since no woman even cracks the Top 20 in Rolling Stone’s high-and-mighty 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time, the editors saw fit to list them in a separate category, since, you know, they need recognition but they aren’t good enough to join the boys’ club. The magazine just unveiled their “Women Who Rock” contest (sponsored by Garnier Fructis!) that doubles as an excuse to get those “rockin’ women” ranked.

    In the contest, voters get to choose between six different “female-fronted bands and solo acts” who will appear on the cover of the upcoming “Women Who Rock” issue. The finalists are Delta Rae, Dev, Karmin, Sleeper Agent, Rita Ora, and Rye Rye.

    Meanwhile, Aretha Franklin tops the obligatory 50 Greatest Albums Released By A Female Artist, because there’s certainly nothing more empowering, right?

    You can check out the full list and vote in the contest here and here.