Roger Daltrey Planning Autobiography

    There’s probably more money in rock star autobiograhpies than in album sales these days, which makes all the stars writing autobiographies these days make cents (sorry). The Who’s Roger Daltrey has been approached to write his autobiography, and as he talked about it on The Rock Radio, he totally undersells it:


    “I’m thinking about a biography now,” Daltrey said. “It’s probably time. Just the story of my life and the things I’ve done, y’know, it’s kind of interesting.”

    I’d love to hear that pitch. “Dear editor, I’d like to be considered for an autobiography I wrote. My life is kind of interesting. Also, I fronted the Who.” LOLZ. But yeah, it would be kind of interesting; especially if he dishes on all the crazy shit he’d done. Like making bad albums since 1975. [Spinner]