Rock + video games = amazing article

    Journey once starred in their own video game, which by dint of Steve Perry’s involvement, has to be the coolest video game of all time. If that’s not enough to merit a click, eighties icons the Thompson Twins released a video game on vinyl. Nothing can be more important. View this gallery. [more:] This is one of those sublime pleasures in life. I came home from work, opened the laptop and immediately spotted this article. Not only had I not thought about the Thompson Twins (Who didn’t love “Hold Me Now”?) in fifteen years, there were mentions of other forgotten treasures like Bebe’s Kids and Michael Jackson’s combat dancing in Moonwalker. Bizarre enough, but the idea of guys with feathered hair pouring quarters into the Journey video game is so killer. I’m geeked. I admit it. I’ll probably waste the rest of the evening thinking how cool it would be to have a Neil Young role playing game.