Rock Riders Reveal Lemmy Likes A Surprise With His Chocolate, Among Other Things

    Every so often, the subject of rock riders comes up, and the old saw of Van Halen requesting a bowl of M&Ms with the brown ones taken out is explained as not an example of rock star excess, but instead a clever way to check how closely the promoter had read the contract. For every case where a band is looking out for its interests, there are other riders that seem a outlandish and sometimes downright scary. In order for Gorgoroth to appear, for example, fifty sheep heads, two hundred meters of barb wire, a carpenter, and extra soft pink toilet need to be ponied up. Other acts such as Marilyn Manson and the Darkness need some Absinthe, while Nickelback just wants to play golf in the afternoon. The true chestnut of the list, however, is finding out that Motorhead wants Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs. Lemmy must have a huge collection of cheap toys. [Metal Hammer]