Rock Band 2 out in September

    Just when I thought I had reached my pinnacle as a faux-drummer in my (Rock Band) band Amazing Larry 2: Electric Boogaloo (I am not joking), Harmonix goes and announces that Rock Band 2 will be hitting Xbox 360 this September (and PS3 later this year).

    Among the added features promised by lead designer Dan Teasdale in an interview with IGN are wireless guitars, a better set list (possibly The Beatles?!?), better/more quiet instruments, and third party instruments (could a Flying-V made by MadCatz finally be on the way?). But don’t worry if you’re feeling like you just blew tons of money downloading Grateful Dead tracks Rock Band 1, any tracks you purchased for the original game will be available to play on the new version.

    There is one glaring omission in Rock Band 2, however. It will not allow you to make songs of your own like Guitar Hero World Tour promises you can. Teasdale doesn’t deny that that may be coming for Rock Band, but the company is waiting to make sure it will be the best music creation software they can make.
    All of the other questions revolving around the game will be revealed at E3 (starting on July 14), where the game will be officially premiered.
    [IGN via Gizmodo]