Robin And Sean Pecknold Making LOLcats Movie

    Sean Pecknold — the brother of Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold — has built an impressive career as a music video director for himself in recent years, creating stunning animated clips for Beach House, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, and others. Now, in collaboration with his brother, he is taking on a far greater artistic endeavor: a feature-length film called The Internet – A Blog Cats WTF Universe, a piece about “one of the best LOLcat caption writers in the world… the King Midas of viral,” and his journey of philosophical self-realization.

    The official trailer features the grainy digital style Sean has used on his earlier works, as well as a very cinematic score by Robin. While the trailer itself provides little indication of the plot of Internet, it does feature a fleeting shot of a bipedal cat, some moody shots of a lonely man in a snowstorm, and an evocative quote: “I don’t believe the universe ends in a war. Because if there’s a war, something needs to be behind it.”

    More information — as well as opportunities to donate — can be gleaned at the movie’s Kickstarter page. For example, a donation of $250 will earn you “A hand-written document explaining the meaning of life.” Good deal! We support the arts here at Prefix, so even if that isn’t enough to sway you, we encourage you to give what you can to make sure this important work can be fully realized.