Robert Smith From The Cure To Appear On New Crystal Castles Single


    The next single from Crystal Castles’ self-titled second album will be “Not In Love,” which is set for release on Dec. 6. The song has been re-recorded for this single, and will be backed by acoustic demos of “Celestica” and “Suffocation.” It’s hard to imagine this group in an acoustic setting, but perhaps a Neil Young circa Harvest phase will be upon us as Crystal Castles mature (on second thoughts, let’s hope not).


    But, as the terrifying thought of Crystal Castles sitting around a campfire and leading a sing-along fades from our minds, the big news is that goth overlord Robert Smith from the Cure will join the band on a version of “Not In Love” that will be included on this release. His vocals will be in stark contrast to the heliumized work on Alice Glass’s singing on this track (see above), but this news has certainly got us intrigued to hear how this particular match-up goes down. 


    [via NME]