Robert Pollard Releasing New LP, ‘Lord Of The Birdcage,’ June 7

    Most artists release an album every two years or so. Robert Pollard tends to release at least two albums every year. At least, that’s the pace he’s been at since dropping From a Compound Eye and Normal Happiness in 2006. Since then, it’s been a pair of albums each year, with 2011 being no different. In January, he released Space City Kicks and he’s following it up next month with Lord of the Birdcage.


    Hey, there’s a reason — or many reasons, to be exact — he was included in our feature on the term songorrheic. And his new album, which is his seventeenth, features Pollard turning a dozen of his already-written poems into songs. It’s something he’s never done before in his career and it allows for his lyrics to become the focus on his songwriting.


    Lord of the Birdcage drops June 7 on Guided By Voices, Inc.