Robert Pollard: Hall of Fame Athlete

    If you’re a pretty serious Guided By Voices fan you might know that GBV creative force Robert Pollard pitched the first no-hitter in the history of Wright State University’s baseball team. You might also know that during high school Pollard was a tri-varisty athlete, but conversely, the people of Dayton, OH seem only dimly aware that Pollard is a big dumb indie rock deal.


    Pollard’s alma mater, Northridge High School, recently held an athletic hall of fame induction ceremony, and the Guided by Voices frontman was in attendance along with his brother, whom together the Dayton Daily News calls “the renowned Pollard brothers.”


    The article just makes a brief mention to Pollard’s musical career, and mixes up Boston Spaceship and Guided By Voices as one musical project. It just goes to show, one man’s musical hero is another’s high school athletics star of old. [Dayton Daily News]