Robert Pollard Announces New Solo Album, ‘Mouseman Cloud’

    It’s looking like another busy year for Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard. He and his band just released Let’s Go Eat the Factory earlier this month, but Pollard’s already preparing another new project. It’s a solo album by the name of Mouseman Cloud and it’s due out April 3 on Guided By Voices, Inc.

    The record, which is his 18th solo effort, was recorded with frequent collaborator/producer Todd Tobias. They have been working together since at least 2002, when he produced Guided By Voices’ The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet and Universal Truths and Cycles. Since then, he and Pollard have been inseparable.

    You can view the Mouseman Cloud track listing below. A press release describes the following tunes as “catchy, heavy, lovely, rocky, exuberant, complexly simple and freaking wonderful.”

    1. Obvious #1
    2. Picnic Drums
    3. Mouseman Cloud
    4. Dr. Time
    5. Lizard Ladder
    6. Human Zoo 
    7. Bats Flew Up
    8. Mother’s Milk And Magnets
    9. Continue To Break
    10. I Was Silence
    11. Smacks of Euphoria
    12. Science Magazine
    13. No Tools
    14. Aspirin Moon
    15. Half-Strained
    16. Zen Mother Hen
    17. Chief Meteorologist