Robert Kirkman Reveals ‘Walking Dead’ Season Three Changes

    AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead returns for its third season this weekend, and fans are eager to learn what their favorite survivors are up to this time around.

    Robert Kirkman, an executive producer on the show and the author of the comic book on which the series is based, gave Rolling Stone some scoop on what’s changing this season.

    Last season, some viewers complained that the plot had slowed too much, and characters became unlikable, but it sounds like all that is about to change this season. Not only is the series going to introduce a new villain, the Governor (David Moriarty); there’s also Michonne (Danai Guira), a sword-brandishing woman whom we got a glimpse of at the end of last season and whom Kirkman describes as a “badass.”

    Kirkman says the introduction of these characters changes the story quite a bit: “We started to delve into the danger of humans, and how threatening and scary encountering humans in this world could be. Now that we’re getting into that era in the show, it’s dramatically altering the kind of stories we tell.”

    Kirkman reveals that this season will show the dark side of the people living in this apocalyptic environment, saying that it might “alienate some viewers, maybe they’ll be shocked by some of the roads we go down and some of the things that happen, but I think at the very least they’ll be entertained.”

    Season three of The Walking Dead premieres this Sunday, Oct. 14, on AMC.