Roadie Finally Reveals Hendrix Was Murdered; New Book Only a Coincidence

    James “Tappy” Wright is trying to shill a few copies of his book Rock Roadie by letting loose with one of the book’s most choice tidbits off gossip: Michael Jeffrey, Hendrix’s manager, made a drunken confession of murder approximately a year after the rock star’s death. The idea behind the dastardly deed was a basic insurance scam. By staging Hendrix’s “accidental” death with an overdose of barbituates and red wine, Jeffrey was able to collect an insurance policy on the artist and prevent him from seeking new management. Though the charges would seem to me mainly for publicity, particularly when considering their age, there have always been questions about Hendrix’s untimely demise, ranging from a phantom 911 call to the questions of surgeons who tried to revive the guitarist. Whatever the cicumstances of Hendrix’s death, however, one certainty is that exploiting it for profit at this point is ghoulish and a little sad. [Daily Mail]