RJD2 Sets Late June Date for ‘Colossus’ Follow-Up

    Though he initially kicked around the idea to make instrumentals out of a handful of vocal tracks from his January release Colossus and churn out an EP, Philly-based DJ/producer RJD2 instead fleshed out the concept to create what’s basically a full-fledged companion piece to said record.  


    The resulting effort has been aptly named Inversions of the Colossus and will be released on June 22 via the artist’s own RJ’s Electrical Connections imprint. Taking to his blog recently, the man born as Ramble John Krohn (whose cut “A Beautiful Mine” is featured in Mad Men‘s opening title sequence) explains that Inversions “[isn’t] a new album, but it wasn’t just instrumental versions of pre-released songs [either].” Instead, the upcoming record will include seven new almost-all instrumental tracks to go along with a handful of vocal songs from Colossus reworked sans words.