RJD2 Announces New Project, Icebird, With Aaron Livingston

    RJD2 has spent his past few albums showcasing that he loves songwriting and singing as much as he loves producing breaks-heavy, electronic music. But for his latest work, he has decided to focus solely on the production and engineering end of things. With good reason, too, because he has funk-soul singer Aaron Livingston handling the vocal duties as part of their newly announced Icebird project. Their full-length album, The Abandoned Lullaby, is due out in October. While that seems like a long time to wait, the duo has offered a preview of what you can expect on the record with lead single “Going And Going. And Going.” The track rushes out of the gate with reverbed guitars, thick organs, and a funk break tailor-made for b-boys. And once Livingston’s vocals arrive, you know he and RJ have crafted something special here.


    You can stream the track below. The Abandoned Lullaby drops Oct. 11 on RJ’s Electrical Connections label.


    Icebird – “Going And Going. And Going” by AndrewMartin