Rivers Cuomo Says Weezer Summer Camp Could Be In The Works

    “We’d like to put together some sort of Weezer camp, but we’re just beginning to talk about it, so I don’t have any details yet.” This is Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo speaking with Australia’s Herald Sun recently. When questioned if the camp would be “like a summer camp,” Cuomo simply responded with, “Yeah.”

    Additionally, Cuomo also said that he’d like Weezer–who just finished the U.S. leg of their Memories tour (in which they played their debut Blue Album in full)–to do a tour dedicated to 2008’s Red Album. He said, “There’s plenty of people who want to see the first few albums so we’re happy to do it. Personally the next album I’d like to do is ‘The Red Album.’

    So, another Weezer tour and a possible summer camp in the works? Sounds like a plan. Hopefully more details on the later will come out soon. [NME]