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R.I.P. Richard Wright of Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright passed away on September 15 at the age of 65 after a brief bout with cancer. Wright, a member of Floyd since their formation in 1965, kept a low profile in what was already a limelight-shy bunch, but it always seemed that his often evanescent contributions were the secret glue that held the band together. His compositional additions to the band's canon were few and far between, but they were strong and evocative, regardless of whether they became iconic (the gospel-inflected "Great Gig in the Sky") or remained esoteric (the gentle Brian Wilson-meets-the-Zombies ballad "Summer 68"). His keyboard playing set the template that a thousand ivory-ticklers in the realms of prog, psych, Krautrock, and space-rock would follow for generations to come. In addition to his work with Floyd, Wright released two solo albums, played on both of Syd Barrett's legendary records, and formed the short-lived duo Zee in the mid-'80s with Dave Harris of British new wavers Fashion. You can hear a podcast that celebrates Wright's work and examines his role in Pink Floyd here

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Pink Floyd
Richard Wright

This is so sad.

And now the silly idea of ever seeing them together is actually impossible.

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R.I.P Richard Wright


this was a great musician. R.I.P.

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