RIP Leon Botha, Die Antwoord DJ And Visual Artist

    If you’ve ever been impressed with the singularly bizarre Zef vision of the South African savants in Die Antwoord, you’ve been admiring the work of the group’s DJ and visual artist, Leon Botha. Botha suffered from progeria, a rare degenerative genetic disorder that causes the body to age rapidly, and finally succumbed to the disease yesterday, a day after his twenty-sixth birthday. He was the oldest known living person with the disease.


    Botha spent time DJing in Cape Town under the pseudonym DJ Solarize before he joined MC Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser on their crazed Die Antwoord collaboration, which was as known for Botha’s visual style as it was for the group’s South African rap stylings. Here you can see a photo collaboration that paired Botha and photographer Gordon Clark entitled Who Am I? Transgression that explored the disease and peoples’ reactions to it. And check out Botha’s official website for a tribute to the man, as well as some of his paintings. [Daily Swarm]