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R.I.P. Car Cassette Decks

This is big news for all you late adopters out there: The last car to be made with a cassette deck rolled off the assembly lines last year, as all car companies have finally switched over to CD players in cars. The funniest part? The fact that the last car with a tape deck was a Lexus. I expected it to be a Kia, or something. To read about how iPod docks are probably going to replace CD players, go to the N.Y. Times

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yea I thought you were gonna say the funniest part is that this comes just as everyone has stopped using CDs

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I'm surprised that they were still made as recently as last year. Still, I adore my cassette tapes. Not getting rid of them for anything in the world.

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This company makes them :
They are pretty much available in Ebay.


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