R.I.P. Altered Zones

    Pitchfork’s underground music blog collective, Altered Zones, will close its virtual doors this Friday after about a year and a half in existence. Since launching in July 2010, the site has focused on bringing attention to DIY, underground, and small-scale releases across the globe. But after many of the founding members left to take on new and different endeavors, the original group became “increasingly splintered.” The site’s owners don’t see this as the end of AZ, either, but the beginning of a new chapter. Two of its editors will launch a new project, Ad Hoc, next year. Still, I personally dug AZ and will miss it. That’s for damn sure.

    You can read a snippet of their farewell letter below while the rest is at Altered Zones.

    This site began as a tight-knit collective of 14 music blogs with a common goal, but as many of our original contributors moved on from their blogs to start labels, run venues, create zines, and make music of their own, that original group has become increasingly splintered. We love what we’ve built, and the idea of it remaining as a sort of time capsule of this particular era of music feels right.