Rihanna’s “S&M” Renamed “Come On”, Rihanna Calls It “BS”


    It looks like the controversy surrounding Rihanna’s “S&M” isn’t going to die out just yet. The song was re-titled “Come On” in certain territories, principally the UK, where it has been played under that name with some of the lyrics cleaned up. Now, the singer has taken to Twitter to express her outrage about it, describing it as “BS” and saying “Are you fucking kidding me??” 


    This sounds like understandable anger expressed by an artist who has had her work tampered with, right? Right. Except, as Gigwise reports, these changes to the track came from within Rihanna’s camp, presumably in a quest to get the song some of the airplay it was missing in its original version. Oops.


    Gigwise is calling the outrage a “publicity stunt” on Rihanna’s behalf, which may be a little harsh. It’s more likely to be a breakdown in communication between the singer and her people, although how they got to tamper with a recording without her consent is anyone’s guess. You can hear the censored version of the track in the clip above.