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Rihanna Interview on 20/20 (Video)


This past Friday on 20/20, ABC aired Rihanna's first interview since her domestic-violence issue with Chris Brown in April. The piece went through the events of that night, revealed Rihanna's upbringing in a physically abusive home in Barbados, discussed the affect of her incident being in the public eye, and tackled Chris Brown's recent interviews and public appeals.


The most encapsulating moment, shown during the Good Morning America preview of the interview, was Rihanna's declaration that it was "embarrassing" that she fell in love and went back to Brown. It was impressive how emotionally honest Rihanna was during the entire piece, discussing the universal feelings of the abused, from blaming herself to trying to ignore that the incident ever took place. She also spoke starkly about the events of the night, saying Brown had no "soul" in his eyes.


Rihanna claimed her ultimate reason for leaving Brown was to be a good role model for other women in similar situations, "Even if Chris never hit me again, who is to say that [another girl's] boyfriend won't?" It's a resonant message, made more striking by her impressive resolve. [The Rap Up]

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Chris Brown

Rihanna finally speaks out about that infamous night in the car with Chris Brown, if there is a chance for them in the future and lashes back at fans who said she provoked the it now! Honestly I love RiRi and think she wound up coming out on top. For every dark cloud there is a silver lining and she is getting her time to shine now. :] You go girl!!!

chrissy anne

I really dont think that Chris was ever sorry... and even if he was... he freakin bit her... I also think that if you consider yourself mature enough to enter a relationship you should be mature enough to handle a quarell without hitting... That is just plain immature... I was really was curious as to what exactly happened... Check me out on YouTube... search flamingmeldody


I don't think she is telling the entire truth however, it was not right for him to do what he did-I think she is only speaking out because her album is about to drop and she just want to bring attention to herself for that. I truly don't think she was sincere in this video. I could see right thru her, I sorry. Again, Chris is truly wrong for what he has and did do-he was not right. However, don't lie to make yourself look good-tell the truth and that's for the both of them


There is no excuse for something like this to have happened. Chris Brown should do time for what he did. Rihanna should not feel embarrassed because the full blame belongs to Chris Brown. Real love doesn't hurt. Just because he is "Chris Brown" doesn't mean he should get any preferential treatment.
Rihanna should have spoken about this sooner so people wouldn't feel this is being done for publicity.


i love youu ri ri, none of that was your fault
your are beautiful inside and out && i hope you realize that! Im deff sorry for the inccident and i know it took a lot to come out && talk about it, so im proud of you. & ilove you girll(:


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