Rihanna Interview on 20/20 (Video)


    This past Friday on 20/20, ABC aired Rihanna’s first interview since her domestic-violence issue with Chris Brown in April. The piece went through the events of that night, revealed Rihanna’s upbringing in a physically abusive home in Barbados, discussed the affect of her incident being in the public eye, and tackled Chris Brown’s recent interviews and public appeals.


    The most encapsulating moment, shown during the Good Morning America preview of the interview, was Rihanna’s declaration that it was “embarrassing” that she fell in love and went back to Brown. It was impressive how emotionally honest Rihanna was during the entire piece, discussing the universal feelings of the abused, from blaming herself to trying to ignore that the incident ever took place. She also spoke starkly about the events of the night, saying Brown had no “soul” in his eyes.


    Rihanna claimed her ultimate reason for leaving Brown was to be a good role model for other women in similar situations, “Even if Chris never hit me again, who is to say that [another girl’s] boyfriend won’t?” It’s a resonant message, made more striking by her impressive resolve. [The Rap Up]