Rihanna Earned $410,000 Per Show On Flop Summer Tour

    Rihana’s summer tour didn’t appear to go very well. Ticket sales were poor, dates got cancelled, and her appeal as a live draw seemed questionable. But none of this is likely to have bothered the singer, who has once again been investigated by the Smoking Gun (see here for her backstage demands).


    The site has discovered that Rihanna is on a guarantee of $410,000 minimum per concert regardless of how well tickets sell, plus the right to receive 80% of gross box office receipts over $565,000. In other words, if ticket sales were good, she actually received a decent chunk over that $410,000 minimum.


    It’s safe to say this makes Rihanna a very wealthy 22 year-old, but how does this place her in comparison to other stars? With a little digging, the Smoking Gun reveals that hot ticket Justin Bieber is on a mere $328,000 per concert, and Drake earns around $160,000 for his on-stage time. For a tour that was considered a flop, it seems Rihanna has done rather well for herself.