Ricky Gervais Fires Back At Twitter Followers Criticizing His Atheism

    You only need to have witnessed Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes (or just presenting at any award show, drink in hand) to know that the British funnyman likes to cause a little controversy and doesn’t care what people think of his opinions. His presence on Twitter is no exception.

    Gervais’s Atheism, about which he often tweets, is a particularly hot-button issue among his followers. He often receives angry, critical responses insulting his beliefs or telling him to keep his opinions to himself. While Gervais has tweeted back at his detractors for quite some time, he now keeps their names out of the tweets to prevent giving them free exposure.

    The Hollywood Reporter put together a list of his most memorable recent responses to attacks on his Atheism. They include everything from quoting a misspelled tweet and letting the jokes write themselves, to just sending an open message to all of his followers telling them to back off. Today he tweeted, “I don’t know you. My tweets aren’t to you. I don’t know if you read them. So don’t take them personally. If you do, you’re a dopey gorp.”

    Gervais also tried to pull a prank on “gullible” people by tweeting, “The Earth is 6,000 years old. Please RT to raise awareness and confusion among the gullible.”