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Rick Rubin produces new Metallica

Metallica'''s follow-up to 2003'''s St. Anger is to be released in late spring of 2008 and will, says drummer Lars Ulrich, harken back to the band'''s sound from the 80s, but ''"a lot more melodic.''" Rick Rubin has produced the new record which currently has possible working titles 19, 10, German Soup, Glass Cow, and Black Squirrel. The band'''s usual producer, Bob Rock is markedly absent. Ulrich claims working with ''"a different set of circumstances and dynamics''" was necessary for their sanity and the survival of Metallica. [NME]
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Didn't Metallica say that St. Anger was going to be a return to the band's sound of the 80s? This is perhaps my least anticipated major metal release of next year.

Etan Rosenbloom

I haven't listened to it since the week it came out, but St. Anger still completely baffles me as an album. I really think there are fleeting moments of genius on it, but then there are even more moments of "What the fuck is this?". It's such a maddening trainwreck that it leaves me with no other choice but to buy the new one when it comes out.


Even if they call it 'German Soup,' I still probably won't get it. Seems a little earlier to for them be looking to RR for a career shot in the arm a la Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, etc.

Anne Johnson

That is, for them TO be looking for career boost. Not sure who the 'etc' are either. I really enjoyed Metallica: Some Kind of Monster though.

Anne Johnson

I agree with Steve. And I will wait with eager anticipation for the new album, why?Because METALLICA are quite simply the best act in music history, ever was, will be, ever. And I'm sure the new album will rock, I have complete faith in the lads.

Karl Burke

Let's remember, Rick Rubin produced Slayer's best albums and had the foresight to work with other breakthrough metal bands like Anthrax and Slipknot (I said "breakthrough," not "good"). So I trust Rubin not to "reinvent" Metallica like he did Cash and Diamond...hopefully he can tap into whatever viciousness they still have left.

Etan Rosenbloom

Give it a rest....these cats are sold-out shells of their former selves. They sold out when they had Bob Rock produce the Black Album...while that is a good album, each album after has gotten progessively lamer and more commercial. Even the "hard" songs they make now sound contrived and a band trying to sound like Metallica. I used to respect these guys, but now all I can do is listen to their old albums and think of better days when they still gave a f--k about the music they put out. So yeah, I wil continue to not buy their albums.


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