Rick Ross Wins Lawsuit Battle With “Freeway” Rick Ross

    Freeway Rick Ross has to be upset. He has been fighting via the law with rapper Rick Ross since 2010 over the rappers use of his name. Today, Judge Roger Boren, who presided over the case at the California appeals court, has elected favor of William Leonard Roberts aka Rick Ross, in which he’s allowed to keep his stage name. According to Boren, the First Amendment was on the rappers side.  Peep what Boren said below, thanks to Rap Radar.




     “We recognize that Roberts’ work — his music and persona as a rap musician — relies to some extent on plaintiff’s name and persona. Roberts chose to use the name ‘Rick Ross.’ He raps about trafficking in cocaine and brags about his wealth. These were ‘raw materials’ from which Roberts’ music career was synthesized. But these are not the ‘very sum and substance’ of Roberts’ work.”