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Rick Ross Was At TNA Genesis For Some Reason

Rick Ross Was At TNA Genesis For Some Reason

You might disagree, but to me, Rick Ross belongs to the upper class of celebrity that I can't imagine doing normal people things. Like, I can't imagine Prince running to the convenience store to buy a half gallon of milk. I can't imagine Jay-Z going to Target to buy a heated blanket and a candle. It's impossible to imagine those people interacting with normal folks.

So, the fact that Rick Ross was just chilling with some of his people at the most recent pay-per-view for second-tier wrestling promotion TNA (TNA: Genesis), rubbing his hands and high-fiving wrestlers is about the funniest thing I've seen all day. Like, shouldn't he be running his Wing Stop franchise, or "dealing cocaine," or being a boss in some capacity that doesn't involve high fiving dudes in sweater vest coats or wearing cargo pants? Maybe those People articles are right: Celebrities are just like us! [Rap Radar]

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