Rick Ross Tops MTV’s Hottest MC In The Game List (Video)

    The folks at MTV have officially wrapped up their seventh annual list of who they believe to be the “Hottest MCs in the Game” right now. Last week, we saw them cut themselves off at number six, which is where Jay-Z landed on the countdown. And last night night, they counted down the top five, though they took some time to debate over who should land at number one.

    As for number five, that spot went to Lil Wayne. While I’m not about deny the fact Weezy was, of course, every last year, most of his material was average at best with only a few truly great moments. Yes, I still think “6 Foot 7 Foot” is pretty damn good.

    He was bested by his Young Money cohort, Nicki Minaj, for the number four spot — really? — while Kanye West took home number three. Their reasoning for Yeezy landing there? Because he apparently owned Watch The Throne.

    Moving on, they finally got to the top two spots, which was basically a face-off between Drake and Rick Ross. You can take a look up at the headline of this post to see who on. Bawse. Watch the MTV rap heads discuss their decision for the top spot and view the whole list below.

    MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game

    1. Rick Ross
    2. Drake
    3. Kanye West
    4. Nicki Minaj
    5. Lil Wayne
    6. Jay-Z
    7. Meek Mill
    8. Big Sean
    9. Wiz Khalifa
    10. Wale