Rick Ross Signs Rockie Fresh To Maybach Music

    Two days ago, 21-year-old Chicago rapper Rockie Fresh inked one of the last truly sweet deals in music: he is the latest rapper to join Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group. Think about the cover of MMG’s mixtape Self Made 2, with Ross and Wale and Meek’s faces lined up in a row, all of them looking like stars in an upcoming Christopher Nolan film. That’s the legacy Rockie Fresh has signed onto—can he handle the pressure?

    From the sound of his 2009 mixtape Rockie’s Modern Life and January’s Driving 88, Rockie has a good ear for just-right beats and enough confidence as a rapper that he’ll be able to bring something fresh to the titans at Maybach Music. His new mixtape Electric Highway is out soon, and he’ll be starting a 20-city headlining tour as well. [Rolling Stone]