Rick Ross Gives “Mastermind” A New Release Date

    December 17 came and went, and Rick Ross decided that his newest album, Mastermind, needed more time. When he announced that the release date would be pushed back, he said he was still finishing up the album. “Making that classic is more important than anything and making sure the streets are overwhelmed with what I am doing is what is most important.”

    The new release date for the record is March 4, a little less than three months after the original date. The news came via a Hype Williams video, which featured the recent Rick Ross x Jay Z collaboration, “The Devil Is A Lie.” 

    If nothing else, the American rapper knows how to create hype and anticipation like few others can, and his sixth record seems to be no exception. Check out the trailer for his album below, and you can listen to the full song here.