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Richard Thompson vs. scorpion: nobody wins

No, legendary British folk-rock guitarist Richard Thompson hasn't been working up a new version of "Rock You Like A Hurricane" with '8os metal stalwarts Scorpions. In fact, he's been bitten by a real, live scorpion.


Apparently the fearsome fretmaster was on vacation in Mexico when he was set upon by said creature. Fortunately, the end results weren't obituary-worthy or anything, but they have put a crimp in his current tour plans. Those famed flying fingers of Thompson's will be incapacitated for the next two to three weeks, so he's canceled his April tour dates, which wre to include 10 dates on the East Coast.


While one has to wonder how the plectrum prince got so close to the poisonous creature (maybe he was trying to teach it to play bass for his East Coast stint?), you've got to admit that this beats the usual tour-canceling standbys like "exhaustion" and "poor ticket sales" by a mile. 

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Richard Thompson

Well I heard they live under rocks, and he must have rolled a rock and sure enough it was rock and roll. I did hear about that once or twice, some guy with a pullet wizzed by and said it. Did he need a rest? I hope he finds a song in it.

Rocky Raccoon

perhaps he found it when he crawled back under his stone?


That damned Thompson, he's turned into a slacker! Scorpions have tiny mouths and their bites are trivial. We should all be so lucky; it's the tail's stinger that's deadly.

Townsend Harris

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