Richard Linklater And Jack Black Reunite For A Bowling Movie

    Sports movies are some of the best types of films. They make it easy for the audience to understand the characters’ goals, they provide plenty of tension and they allow for some awesome displays of skills to break up whatever plot the writers have come up with. 

    But are bowling movies actually sports movies? 

    There aren’t a ton of bowling pictures to draw on to figure this out, although two immediately leap to mind. The first is Kingpin, directed by the Farrelly Brothers and starring Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid and Bill Murray. It’s pretty straightforward and uses bowling as a means to describe failure and triumph. 

    The next obvious choice is The Big Lebowski. Bowling is just something in the background, a way for Jeff Bridge’s The Dude and John Goodman’s Walter to pass the time between pretending to solve a mystery. 

    This lack of bowling movies will soon be rectified as, according to NME, Jack Black and director Richard Linklater are reteaming to make a bowling-centric comedy. The two worked together on 2003’s School of Rock, and while they recently made the dark comedy Bernie, they had plans to make a sequel to their first collaboration. That is apparently on hold for now, so instead they’ll be telling the tale of a man, according to Black, “who gives up everything to be a professional bowler.”

    Hopefully, Jack Black will put his feud with Seth MacFarlane on hold while he’s filming. If not, the upcoming Oscar host may use his new power to sway the Academy and quash any awards hopes the actor has.