RIAA Never Actually Stopped Suing People

    Towards the end of 2008, music fans breathed a sigh of relief at the news that the Recording Industry Association of America would no longer be ruining fans’ lives with random lawsuits, and would instead, seek to curb piracy by working with Internet Service Providers, which is a certainly a more reasonable, less Scroogeish strategy.


    Blog Recording Industry vs. The People decided to check up on this and found that the RIAA filed 62 new cases in April alone. The RIAA justifies this by saying that when they spoke to congress last December, what they meant is that as of August 2008, they’d stopped filing “John Doe pre-action discovery lawsuits,” meaning, I think, that they’d stopped filing suits whose purpose was to gather enough evidence to file a lawsuit against a specific individual.


    According to RIvTP however, this is not true. The RIAA said to congress that they’d stopped this activity in August, but the blog has uncovered RIAA-initiated John Doe pre-action discovery lawsuits filed as late as December 2008. In other words, if you download music illegally it seems like you are still more likely to get sued for an impossible, crippling amount of money than have your internet access cut off. Beware.