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RIAA: Please add a $1,000 settlement to your shopping cart

via Gizmodo
Lawyers cost a lot of money, money that could be going to record company executives for vacations and cars and other necessities. Instead of taking people to court, the RIAA is trying to get ISP's to send out notices to suspected file sharers, who can then visit a Web site and pay a grand to avoid the possibility of jail time. If you think people won't be susceptible to such scare tacticts, remember: Someone out there must be clicking on that Nigerian bank account e-mail, or spammers wouldn't bother.
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my friend tried to sell a portable dvd player on craigslist, and the guy he was selling it to was from nigeria. the guy never paid. strangest thing...

Mike Krolak

the RIAA gets crazier each day.Hakeem Olajuwon is Nigerian and awesome.

Dave Park


Mike Krolak

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