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RIAA gets gangsta on 10-year-old girl

Whose mother is on disability. It gets boring reporting on all the ways the RIAA instigates evil on the world, but when the RIAA refuses to interview a little girl over phone or video conference, and insists she go to trial, well, it merits a mention.
The stakes are a little higher in this case; the plaintiff has counter-sued the RIAA for "being douchebags" and claiming she "likes gangster rap". I only made one of those up; here's one of the better bullet points:
11. Settlement Support Center also falsely claimed that Ms. Andersen had ''"been viewed''" by MediaSentry downloading ''"gangster rap''" music at 4:24 a.m. Settlement Support Center also falsely claimed that Ms. Andersen had used the login name ''"''" Ms. Andersen does not like ''"gangster rap,''" does not recognize the name ''"gotenkito,''" is not awake at 4:24 a.m. and has never downloaded music.
Likely story, Ms. Andersen. Or should I say - Gotenkito! She was clearly heard to let the Alpine play, bumping new shit by N.W.A. Smoking weed too, judging by the time. All kidding aside, it's nice to see the RIAA take a break from scaring college kids into submission by deposing a ten-year-old girl who will certainly enjoy seeing our judicial system in action.
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The 10-year-old girl is a criminal and must be stopped!I don't know how much worse this can get.

Dave Park

does she get extra points in her civics class?

Mike Krolak

Im glad I live in Canada


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