RIAA decides targeting grandmas not enough, targets lawyer defending them

    The horrible exploits of the RIAA are well known (the organization will even sue old women whose grandkids are downloading Pink on their computer), but now that its got the U.S. government on its side, look out for some serious lawsuits to come down the pipeline.


    Oh wait, that didn’t take long. The RIAA wants to sue a lawyer who defends people who are being sued by the RIAA because the organization claims he is “demeaning the integrity” of the litigations because he blogs about ongoing cases.


    The attorney, Ray Beckerman, maintains Recording Industry vs The People in order to illustrate the loopholes the RIAA makes people suing the organization jump through, and how the RIAA refuses to pay legal costs even when it loses.


    The RIAA is suing Beckerman for unspecified damages claiming he hurt the group’s  image. These allegations are hard to prove (how can you prove a guy’s blog hurt you so bad you need money to cope?) but with the RIAA up to these tactics, it’s doing the hatchet job on its image just fine on its own. [Wired]